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Respected AMG CEO and Leader Paul Mengert

August 14, 2018

Paul Mengert founded Association Management Group just as he departed his college education. Completed in 1984, Mengert earned his degree from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in political science, but continued into business and property management as he began AMG in his hometown of Greensboro. The company thrived in subsequent years, and so did Mengert. It grew across North Carolina and into its southern sister, into five offices and over 30,000 managed properties across the next 30-plus years -- a feat young Mengert likely did not expect. And with the growth, Mengert earned significant respect as he educated others in property management, business, real estate and other facets of the industry. AMG’s own Management Development Program has trained executives that have gone to work for huge organizations in the Carolinas and beyond, including Bank of America, Pfizer and Microsoft. And it all started with a political science student named Paul Mengert who started a local Greensboro brand.